Oasis Ecovillage

We seek to become

Happy and healthy individuals

leaving a better earth for the next generations to come

- We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other and our environment.

- We create a home base to recharge together with people sharing same values

- We like to collaborate with likeminded groups

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Where are we now

In January 2017 we heard about Vinge, a new town planned by Frederiksund municipality in Denmark, who welcomed eco-villages. We connected with another aspiring eco-village Cirkelbo, who plan to open a heart centered holistic school, Vinge lilleskole, in the area by 2018. With local train the distance to central Copenhagen will be 37 minutes.

Later we met the founder of Bærebo, a larger sustainable settlement project in the area, planning to provide structure (buildings, off the grid electricity, land to grow vegetables etc) for 3-400 houses or more. If our remaining questions are satisfied and we can gather 18-26 likeminded households for a neighborhood and Bærebo’s negotiations with the municipality follows schedule, we will be able to move in september 2018. Meanwhile members of OASIS are invited to start up small in Kristiane and Johns large house in Jystrup.

Where are we now?


Sustainability in all areas

In regards to Self

We aim to meditate daily, have our community kitchen provide two high quality meals a day, be physically active and stay true to our hearts by respecting our needs and resources.

In regards to relationships

NVC, Aima, Family constellations, dragon dreaming and other tools supports us in living from our hearts, communicating clearer, clarifying direction, dealing with emotions etc.

In regards to creating income

By creating local, fair & sustainable businesses we make our living by doing what we love to do, while contributing to a thriving earth.

In regards to the Earth

We aim to eat 95% vegan, grow our own foods, buy locally, be off the grid with electricity and heat etc.


Sociocratic Decision making

Dynamic self-governance / sociocracy provides full  transparency and allows us to to have an equal voice at the same time as we only need to participate in meetings regarding subjects that we engage in.


Macrobiotic Meals

Beyond diet and lifestyle, macrobiotics provides tools for harmony within oneself, community, and the world. The tools are based on an energetic approach to life.

- Law of attraction (We create our own reality)

- Transparency

- Transforming waste from one process into a resource for another

We value

- Natural life & natural law: Working with nature & the rhythms of the universe.

- Integrity

- Caring about ourselves, each other and the planet

- Personal & collective growth

- Respecting all beings.