Welcome to the OASIS Eco-village Project

An Eco-village
Ecopreneur ships and green projects
A BlueGreen Peoples College (Folkehøjskole)
A LAND center (Permaculture: ”Learning Action Network Demonstration”
A transition initiative contributing to the green transition

Where are we now?

Skælskør folkehøjskole i sine bedre dage

We are looking at a farm in Skælskør, because

  • It’s close to nature & the beach
  • The farm supports the majority of projects we’d like to set in motion
  • The neighboring plot is ideal for our blue-green peoples college.
  • Skælskør’s citizens have proved to be committed, open-minded and supportive of our project.

While we wait for confirmation that we will be able to create our BlueGreen People’s College on one of the neighboring plots, our core-group continue to expand and stabilize through regular meetings, training in sociocracy and other skills we need.

Once we buy the farm some of us will be able move in to the existing buildings and start the various projects in existing buildings and on the land, while a local plan is made in collaboration with the municipality.

Sustainability in all areas


In regards to Self

We aim to live our passion and respect our needs and resources. NVC, Aima, Family constellations, dragon dreaming, daily meditation, healthy meals, being physically active and other tools supports us in living from our hearts, reconnecting with our selves, communicating clearer, clarifying direction, dealing with emotions etc

In regards to relationships

We aim to contribute from a place of surplus, rather than from a place of obligation. We believe it is an innate quality in people to want to contribute, once their own basic needs are taken care of. We percieve lack of contribution to the community as a sign that basic needs aren’t being met. It may seem like a paradox to build community through reconnecting with our selves, but we believe it is the only real way to prevent and resolve conflicts.

In regards to society

Through our example and our educational activities, we seek to inspire the world around us to take the next steps towards a sustainable life. We aim to create or participate in local, fair & sustainable businesses, so we may make our living by doing what we love to do, while we contribute to the society around us.

In regards to the Earth

We aim to eat 95% vegan, grow our own foods, buy locally, consume with awareness, build sustainable, be as much off-grid as possible in regards to utilities, so that we may leave a better earth for the next generations to come.

Sociocratic Decision making

Dynamic self-governance / sociocracy is our decision making model, since it provides full transparency and allows us to to have an equal voice at the same time as we only need to participate in meetings regarding subjects that we engage in.

You may learn more by reading Many Voices One Song or by participating in SOLT (Sociocratic Leadership Training).


Shared Meals

Our community kitchen will provide two high quality nutritiously complete meals a day, made from unrefined, local, and organic ingredients, which is primarily plant based. A daily meal program strengthens the feeling of community, puts all of us on the same wave length and secures us all a solid biological foundation for life.

The bulk of the food consists of whole grains, beans, seeds & local vegetables, complemented with fruits, nuts, and optional smaller amounts of animal foods. A basic diet like this activates the body’s self-healing powers and is kind to the earth.

An employed chef will lead the kitchen and we will all assist in cooking and/or other tasks that needs to be taken care of.

- Law of attraction (We create our own reality)

- Transparency

- Transforming waste from one process into a resource for another

We value

- Natural life & natural law: Working with nature & the rhythms of the universe.

- Integrity

- Caring about ourselves, each other and the planet

- Personal & collective growth

- Respecting all beings.