– an ecovillage project

A place to grow together

- Are you looking for a place to settle down and live life as humans are supposed to?

- Do you crave a place that offers it all: A conscious community, a possibility to create your own green enterprise, a home centered in & around nature and the possibility of inspiring the rest of the world?

Avnø Oasis welcomes co-creators

Skærmbillede 2020-04-17 kl. 10.37.29

Avnø Oasis welcomes you to explore the possibility of becoming one of the first residents of our co-housing community! We have 21 ha of land with 6058 sqm of buildings in a nature protected area directly at the coast.

We are establishing a cooperative housing association (andelsboligforening) for a community that aims to live healthy, grow together, and work “from home” – either in enterprises owned by individuals or co-created by groups of residents under the new paradigm – while inspiring the rest of the world through our example and the teachings of our peoples college (højskole)!


July 31, 2020, we moved into a wonderful place on Avnø with sea, wood and Avnø Nature Center as our negihbor, between Næstved and Vordingborg on the south of Zeeland in Denmark.

Our mission

heart of people-community

To accelerate the transition that needs to happen in regards to health, work, community & resources on the personal, cultural and social level to secure optimal living conditions for ourselves and future generations.

Our vision


To be a living example of the new paradigm and an Oasis for people, who want to heal themselves, live more sustainably and contribute to the new world.

Our guiding principle


We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.

We resonate with the SDG's

Our strategy

We aim to create transition in all areas of life by using best practice: Sociocratic governance, compassionate communication, regenerative farming & permaculture design, macrobiotic cooking …

A green transition
Clear awareness of our dependence on Nature ≈ Becoming an integral part of the local area and the Nature we live in. Protection of common assets.
A transition in regards to health
Live & eat in a way where real needs are taken care of, so strength, vitality and immune systems are increased ≈ lifestyle diseases are reduced.

A social transition

Ability to create and participate in meaningful and sustainable relationships and communities.
A personal transition
Will and courage to be present and engage in an unpredictable world and ability to adjust to living in the new paradigm.
A cultural transition
Connection with true life values. Neither material goods, nor money or power has much value, when facing death. Green livelihood ≈ regenerative enterprises.
A financial transition
Financial freedom ≈ making your livelihood by working with what you love to do (and would do anyway).
Considering all different forms of capital and not just money.
Law of attraction (We create our own reality)
Authentic honest relations
Choosing organic and faitrade when possible
Transforming waste from one process into a resource for another
Personal & collective growth
Practicing a healthy lifestyle

We value

Natural life & natural law:
Working with nature & the rhythms of the universe.
Presence - Sincerity - Integrity
Dealing with tensions and conflicts in a respectful manner
Caring about ourselves, each other and the planet
Respect for all beings.
An open and explorative attitude
Self sufficiency
Personal initiative, humor and fun