We take over the place August 3rd. Throughout the month of August we invite everybody, who want to support the project or consider joining the project to get to know us. We will help each other get the place in shape for guests and students while we run our conscious community training program. 

The concept is simple. A basic rhythm of the day combining simple (and sometimes hard) work, conscious community training (theory and praxis), as well as social and private time. 

Accomodation is simple. Since we are in the process of moving in, rooms (and everything else) needs to be cleaned and furnished. The only luxury is that each room has a private bathroom and we are in the midst of beautiful nature. 

The price is simple (Barely covers cost): 700 DKK/week in shared rooms and 1100 DKK/week in a private room, including all meals, which is 95% vegan (always a vegan option), prepared from scratch of the best organic ingredients. For every week you spend, you will receive 10% discount on a one week course, when the place is up and running.

Conscious community training will be planned as we go along according to the needs and wishes of the group. We share skills that makes community life better in a non-formal way and learn from each other. Subjects may include

  • Cooking for health and happiness: Besides hands-on cooking classes, subjects may include: Menu-planning, fermentation, effects of various preparation methods, cutting styles, kitchen hygiejne, energetic approach to food, assessing the quality of ingredients, your own diet plan. 
  • Renovating furnitures and other skill sets of a handyman. 
  • Gardening & permaculture design. 
  • Sociocratic skills: Decision making, facilitation, organisation, roles and other basic sociocratic knowledge. 
  • Social tools: Communication, relationships and conflict resolution.
  • Personal development.
  • Yoga, liberating movements and other body programs.
  • Art therapy.
  • Your skills …