We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.

An Ecovillage is an intentional, urban or traditional community that is designed to regenerate their social and natural environments in all four dimensions of sustainability (social, cultural, ecological and economical) through locally owned, participatory processes.

 – The Global Ecovillage Network movement

Oasis Ecovillage will mostly be a Quadrant 4 ecovillage, where we have private economy and most of the people who live in the community work inside the community – either in community owned or private enterprises.

 –  Our buildings are owned by a foundation (Vitalitetsfonden).


A world, where everyone increases their quality of life, while ensuring optimal living conditions for future generations.  A world of regeneration!


To live in the new paradigm and provide a living example of the paradigm shift that needs to happen.

Who we are?

We are from Denmark, Belgium, USA, Portugal, and Ukraine. More nationalities is about to join. What unites us is the vision and mission of this project. We have no connection with religious movements, but call for a personal approach to spirituality based on presence. Our basic attitude is reflected in this sentence:

We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.


Why at Avnø?

It’s unusual for us humans to run our activities & business in the midst of a flourishing Nature without destroying it. However, sustainability is necessary for our survival. Avnø is a protected area. Only eco-friendly activities are allowed. Chemical contamination will challenge us to repair the soil using the latest microbiological research. 

Advanced technologies mimic natural mechanisms and patterns. Cities of the future must exist in symbiosis with Nature. The presence of city-style buildings will allow us to show how – using permacultural design and rewilding – our habitual environments may be transformed into nice and productive eco-friendly systems. 

The presence of different ecosystems (like forest, sea, swamp, meadow, garden) provides the chance to teach biodiversity and natural patterns and observe relations between various living forms and the circulation of nutrients. 

How would we change our approach to life, if biodiversity & balance became our first priority? 

On humanity’s path to live in harmony on our Planet, Avnø can become a spectacular learning project.

  • The next door neighbor is the nature center of Avnø.
  • 6,8 km to the nearest bus stop.
  • 13 km to Vordingborg train station.
  • 10 km to Lundby train station.
  • 15 km to the anthroposophical school of Vordingborg, 1-10 grade.
  • 22 km to Næstved train station and 28 km to Næstved N. train station.
  • 102 km to Copenhagen International Airport (Kastrup).

A place to merge with Nature and feel it. An island of awareness for mind, body, and soul. A green Oasis, where the connections between Self and Nature may be restored. A place for reflection, renewal, and starting over.

More information to be found here:


Step 1

We have applied for a local and municipal plan that fits our project. Meanwhile we have permission to start Avnø højskole.

Step 2

During the initial phase (until spring 2021) our small, but strong core:

    1. functions as a working community with primary focus on start-up of Avnø højskole as soon as possible.
    2. invites people, who can contribute to the project to explore potential participation. 
    3. adjusts the project as the work with the local plan work moves ahead. According to the municipal plan the general idea of the area is recreational area for outdoor, nature center, teaching and leisure activities. 

Step 3

When the local plan is ready, we 

    1. Rebuild one of the large buildings to homes.
    2. Establish regenerative enterprises and move into our homes

Worst case: We will only be allowed to run Avnø højskole  with teacher apartments and have to find another place in the area to build our co-housing community and run regenerative enterprises from.