Vision and values


We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.

Become a part of a learning, evolving and involving community, Meetings and communications is mostly held in English, since we are a group of mixed nationality (with translation when needed).

A Paradigm Shift

For centuries we have improved life by treating symptoms and borrowing resources from future generations. We can’t maintain such an unsustainable lifestyle any longer. Systemic problems must be met by systemic change. For a solution to work, it needs to be perceived as an increase in the quality of life, no matter in which area or level of society. This means a paradigm shift. Through co-creation we can make it happen.

Green transition

Vitality transition

Social transition

Personal transition

Cultural transition

Financial transition

Awareness of our dependence on Nature ≈ Becoming an integral part of the local area and the Nature we live in ≈ Protection of common assets.

Living & eating in a way, where real needs are met ≈ increasing strength & vitality ≈ Stronger immune system & reducing  lifestyle diseases.


Creating and participating in meaningful and sustainable relationships and communities ≈ A sense of belonging & sustainable leadership.


Being inside driven and making deliberate choices ≈ Courage to engage in an unpredictable world & ability  to adjust to living in the new paradigm.


Connecting with true life values ≈ awareness that neither material goods, money or power has much value, when facing death.

Consideration of all kinds of capital, not just money ≈ Green livelihood  & regenerative enterprises.



The world, as we know it, can’t continue. We live contrary to the advice of experts in many ways. We overcame the financial crisis by providing «artificial respiration» to the banks. The Covid-19 lockdown exposed the vulnerability of society further. At the same time, the resolve of politicians during Covid-19 has demonstrated that the necessary decisions to lead society in a wiser direction actually can be made.

We face multiple imbalances. On the individual level anxiety, stress and loneliness. On the collective level inequality, discrimination and separation. In nature climate and biodiversity crises and polluted air, water and soil.


Three legs: Avnø Højskole (People’s College) to explore and experiment with creating aspects of a new paradigm and function as an incubator for green projects, entrepreneurship and Cohousing communities. a Cohousing Community to provide homes for us and Regenerative Enterprises to be able to live and work at the same place.

Our way

  • We become a registered LAND Center¹.
  • We register as a Transition Initiative². 
  • We organise events to celebrate life. 
  • We collaborate with other green associations and activities, locally and globally.

¹LAND≈Learning Action Network Demonstration (permaculture)   ²The worldwide Transition Movement is characterized by each local community finding its own unique path to a noticeably lower consumption of fossil fuels.

Our values – We aim to

  • Care for ourselves, each other and the globe!
  • Have an open and explorative attitude
  • Support each other and engage in the world
  • Live with integrity
  • Discriminate between cause and stimulus of a reaction
  • Have authentic honest communication
  • Deal with tensions and conflicts in a respectful manner
  • Be transparent & develop a sociocratic organisation
  • Live according to natural law
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle
  • Choose organic, local and fair trade where possible
  • Be as self-sufficient as possible

Clear resonance with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Sociocracy. Dynamic self governance

  • Sociocracy gives everybody an equal voice and is fully transparent
  • Every working group has clearly defined goals and mandate to make decisions within their area of responsibility.
  • Everybody participates in working groups matching their skills and  interest.
  • Recurring tasks are often formulated as role descriptions. Elections are made if several can handle the task.
  • Decisions are based on no objections & valid for given period.
  • Objections should be made, if a decision violates vision, mission, aims or values.
  • Working groups are double linked with two people being members of both groups, one representing the interest of the mother group and the other representing the interest of the child group.