How to join/support

Support the vision – Engage your self!

We compassionately connect to ourselves, each other & the environment and contribute towards a thriving planet.

We are looking for people with aligned values and complementary skills and projects for synergetic co-creation. Please find our vision in the "about us"-section. Meetings and communications will be held in English, since we are a group of mixed nationality (with translation to Danish when needed).

Several ways to participate in Oasis Ecovillage

As a student. While you study at Avnø Højskole (people’s college) you may grow into finding a more permanent home with us.

As an explorer.  You want to explore if Oasis is a fit for you. Start with one or more organized visits and partake in an introduction. Become a member of Oasis Friends.

As a co-housing member & share holder.

Please come and join us as an explorer to make sure we are a fit 🙂

As a regenerative
entrepreneur. You have (an idea of) a mutually supportive regenerative enterprise.

Please come and join us as an explorer to make sure we are a fit 🙂

As a member of Oasis Friends. You sympathize with us and support the project as you best can. You will be kept up to date on what’s happening .

Oasis Friends

As a member of OASIS FRIENDS you are welcome to come and visit and take part in our community life while you are here. Request current prices for room and board. 

You will be invited to our in-house programs. 

Partaking in decision making processes in our working groups is by invitation only. 

You will be invited to our WhatsApp group for Oasis Friends, where news and in-house events are shared.

Let us know your reasons and intentions, hopes and aspirations with your membership

Being an explorer

As an EXPLORER, we expect you to

  1. Live at Avnø, so we can get to know each other.
  2. Clarify your short and long term contributions as well as expected gains and your actual ability to live here and be a part of the project, hereunder whether you can find/create a suitable role in the project, and whether your values are aligned with ours.
  3. Complete the basic intensive program at Avnø højskole, as it also is designed to be a community training program.
  4. Join at least one working group and engage in relevant meetings (You will not have formal objection rights, but you will be heard).
  5. Familiarize yourself with our statutes, structure, harmony guidelines etc by the help of your mentor
  6. Pay 6000 DKK/month in a single room and 5000 DKK/month in a shared room for room and board plus DKK 4000 for the basic intensive program.
  7. Use your mentor, if there is something you wonder about or something you are not happy about rather than bringing it up in the group.

Once you’ve been living with us as an explorer for 4 months or more, you may apply to become accepted as a shareholder. If you consider becoming an explorer, please let us know your reasons and intentions, hopes and aspirations.

Support the project

You can support us in many ways. First and foremost by spreading the word, so the right people can find us

Please contact us if you have questions or want a call back. We look forward to meet you either way.

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