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Support the vision – Engage your self!

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Support our vision

You can support us in many ways. First and foremost by spreading the word, so the right people can find us

Please contact us if you have questions or want a call back. We look forward to meet you either way.

Become a time/money investor

Whether you invest time or money you will be rewarded well.

You may choose whether your investment supports Oasis Eco-village, the blue-green peoples college or a particular Ecopreneurship or green project.

Once we buy the property we will have 2 jobs for people, who like working with volunteers to be leaders of the parts of the building process that doesn’t have to be done by certified companies.

Contact us about the specifics if you are interested. We are happy to share our budget and other information with you, so that you can make your own assessment of the safety of your investment. We consider our investment to be safe. It is a well-know fact that houses in eco-villages are more expensive than those around and also that house prices in the surrounding area rises.

Join our waiting list

OASIS is a cooperative housing organization. It takes a lot of resources to build a dream as big as OASIS. Time, work, money, skills, ideas. We invest in participating in and traveling to various meetings and workshops and learning from other projects as well as from administrating ad designing this project.

By joining our waiting list 300 DDK per adult per year – you support the manifestation of our vision, secure a place on our waiting list and get invited to join our membership program

Join our mentorship program

Once you’ve participated in an introductory meeting and joined our waiting list, you will be invited to participate in our mentorship program. The purpose of the mentorship program is to make sure you get all your questions answered and know the culture of our group, since we are well aware that what makes our ecovillage work in the long run is the relationships, we create to each other.

Your mentor will answer your questions and invite you to participate in one of our working groups and decision making processes, so we can get to know each other.

Once you’ve gone through the mentorship program, you will be eligible to become a shareholder according to your place on the waiting list.

Become a shareholder

As a (future) shareholder, you

  • may reserve a home
  • have full influence on OASIS decision making
  • are fully eligible to all roles
  • are eligible for some membership discounts

As a (future) shareholder you are committed to

  • the last version of the vision document
  • to live in alignment with our statutes
  • pay the deposit on your share, when required by Oasis
  • participate actively in one or more working groups.
  • actively learn sociocratic decision making to a degree, where you can assume all standard roles in a group
  • attend online and in-person meetings in your working group(s).
  • do your parts of the tasks
  • communicate swiftly regarding (re)scheduling, participation or cancellation of commitments/appointments.
  • engage in improving and updating best practice
  • be up-to-date on membership fees and other payments.