About us

About Us

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Who are we?

We are a mixed group of 13 grown-ups and 7 kids, who are committed to the project.
Grownups are from 22-73 years old and have roots in many different countries: Denmark, USA, France, Italy, Belgium and Sweden. Kids are from 1-15. Our common language is English. We have many different motivations

  • Wants to be part of creating something bigger
  • Like healthy, yummy plant based food and to be involved in all kind of food preparations.
  • Already lives in an eco-village – seek deeper community, more focus on personal, spiritual development, sociocracy and working from home.
  • Connection between work and private life.
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Simple life and permaculture
  • Eco-villages are the next step for humanity.
  • Sustainable community, which support the planet
  • Part of the people’s college, and we want to own rather than rent.
  • My kids needs to know where our food comes from and be connected to basic aspects of life.

We are furthermore supported by a great number of people, in particular

  • The majority of the local population of Skælskør
  • A number of politicians
  • A handful of professionals, who are willing to step up and help us with advice and planning.
  • An interest group around the peoples college, who support the people’s college with financial back-up