Oasis Eco-village Projects

Green Socio-Economic Business Projects & Ideas

Picking corn

Permaculture farming

Our permaculture farm will be the foundation for total sustainable living, provide ingredients for our meals as well as our food production & serve as a model, when we teach sustainability workshops, which reflect our core values. The work will start as soon as we have the land and we want to be acknowledged as a LAND (Learning And Network Demonstration) center. Contact John if you want to be involved in this group.


Food production/Restaurant/Bakery

As soon as we know where we are going to settle, we’ll start a production of dairyfree, sugarfree and glutenfree foodproducts, possibly together with a bakery or restaurant. Foods in our productline will include foods for the microbiom (miso, tempeh, pickles etc), paleo bread, sourdough bread and spreads, sweets, vegan ice cream etc. Later we’ll look into producing sustainable clothes, art, houses and much more. In the production we will attempt to engage people, who are not fit for “regular work”. Contact Helga if you want to be involved in this group.


Art Seeding

We all want art to be an integrated part of how we live and build our homes. Art workshops for our community, including production/outlet store, pottery, wood work, wool work, painting, etc. Contact Florence if you want to be involved in this group

Free energy

Free Energy - Off-grid solutions

We are planning to be as off-grid as the municipality will let us. We have been interested in the concept of free energy (over unit energy) for many years. Setting up a system of renewable energy, while gathering information on free energy seems to be an important first step. Contact John if you want to be involved in the building and design group, who is responsible for this work.


Oasis Educational Center

From day one it has been important to us to have an educational center, who focused on teaching life-skills through events and programs for personal development, food & lifestyle, natural farming, eco-preneurships , ecovillage design, sociocracy etc.

Since our main purpose is non formal adult education with the purpose of increasing quality of life and ability to function well in a democratic society it made sense to use the format of Danish Folkhighschool, (Peoples college), which has to be a self-owning institution. We are currently working on establishing financing, back-up from municipality and legal issues. Read more about the BlueGreen Peoples College here.

Steens off grid house - drawings

Eco-House model

We want to co-create an off the grid eco-house model, that may be duplicated. Inspired of Steen Møllers off-grid house on the photo. Contact John if you want to be involved in this group.


Complementary Currency

We are gathering experiences at the moment from other places, where a local currency has been implemented and it seems that money circulate up to 8 times more before they leave the local communities where they are implemented. Thus it seems to be a great tool for increasing activity and livelihood and keeping ressources in a local area. We are interested in collaborating with the local area to find appropriate ways to introduce it in the local network. Contact Kristiane if you want to be involved in this group.



We started up with the idea of creating a Holispital, which brings forth a complete paradigm shift in regards to disease. Rather than treating disease we seek to activate the body’s self-healing powers. The body has an amazing capacity to heal, providing we get out of the way. Up to 300 billion cells a day is replaced. Stimulating circulation through body-work, physical activity, positive mindset etc and feeding our cells with proper food allows for continuously healthier cells to be created. While this process is going on, a medical doctor will monitor allopathic and palliative medicine. This project will most likely be integrated in the Green peoples college. Contact Kristiane if you want to be involved.


Filming - Co-creating Documentary's

A documentary about the positive news and things going on around green transition in Scandinavia, inspired by the film “Tomorrow”, as well as documenting our process of creating an ecovillage. You may be a contact person for this group

children education

Education for Children

Fun and super creative learning platforms for kids and teens. Books, programs for schools, app’s, events, camps, festivals, and nature.
You may be a contact person for this group