OASIS meetings

Introduction & Update

We aim to have an introductory meeting before our quarterly meetings. The program usually looks like this:

  • 16:30pm: Preparing lunch/dinner, arrivals. Meet and Greet.
  • 17:30pm: Welcome circle – Who are we all? What are we looking for? What motivates each of us?
  • 17:45pm: Dinner, while we get to know each other.
  • 19-21:00 pm: Presentation of OASIS ECO-VILLAGE. Status of where we are and where we are heading. Vision & Values. The SMART COOP ownership model. Presentation of our Green Socio-Economic Projects and Ideas and status of each of them.

If there after the introductory meeting is a mutual resonance you may choose to become a member or  aspiring member and participate in the “Explore and co-create life in Oasis Eco-village” that usually follows.

Where are we now?

Explore and co-create life in Oasis Eco-village

We have online-meetings as needed in the working groups and at least once a month in the coordination group. Each working group sets their own schedule and all members may join any working group or subscribe to information from any group.

We aim to have quarterly meetings over several days to make it affordable and meaningful for people living abroad to join the meetings.

Focus of the “Explore and Co-create” meeting is equally shared between getting an experience of sharing everyday life together with tasks to be done (cooking, wood for the fireplaces, cleaning etc), relating to each other (sharing and listening to each others dreams, skills and concerns), producing results (Learning sociocracy, manifestation tools, develop the project & our green businesses, refining our vision and mission and statements, the SMART COOP model, building & design or whatever is needed) and relaxing and having fun. There is usually an option to stay overnight.