The Project

The Project

We compassionately connect to ourselves,
each other
and the environment
and contribute towards a thriving planet.

If you have any questions about the information in our vision document feel free to contact us.


  • Regeneration. Caring about ourselves, each other and the planet!

  • Personal and collective development. Open and explorative attitude.

  • Personal responsibility. Our perspective creates our experience.

  • Transparency

  • Supporting each other in finding our own paths in regards to relationships, sexuality, spirituality, etc without imposing our view or practice onto someone else.

  • Integrity (Personal responsibility)

  • Circular economy – Using waste from one process as a resource for another.

  • Leave a better earth for the next generations to come

  • Collaboration with a diverse group of people with similar aims

  • Natural law

    • Living in alignment with the seasons

    • Working with nature

    • Respecting animals and other human beings

    • Working with the rhythms of the universe

Implementation plans

  • Secure an appropriate property

  • Create a legal body with a fair share ownership model with statutes aligned with our values

  • Gather a committed group of people

  • Regular meetings, live and online

  • Create a community culture

  • Create strategies for joining and leaving

  • Develop a sociocratic organisation to support us

  • Establish financing

  • Educate ourselves in skills for optimising community life

  • Create local eco-preneurships so that nobody in our community have to work outside of our community unless they want to

  • Establish a conflict resolution model

  • Seek advice from external sources when needed

(How we measure our progress)

On a personal level

  • Attitude of being committed to do our best, no matter which results can be expected.

  • Natural and simple living

  • All who wants to work within Oasis, does so.

  • Being driven by inspiration

  • Nobody struggles to pay rent and basic necessities.

  • People feel comfortable expressing diverse perspectives.

  • There’s enough energy to play with the children & each other

  • “If it isn’t fun it isn’t sustainable”

  • Vitality

On a community level

  • That we are able to start moving in at the latest april 2019

  • In 5 years our community is well established

  • There is a waiting list to move into Oasis.

  • The process of leaving is harmonious for both parties.

  • Some of next generation comes back to settle.

  • Some kind of stability. The feeling of a stable core-group.

  • We are continuously getting closer to being debt free

  • We are getting closer and closer to being self-sufficient with food and other basic necessities, including energy.

  • Our meals are highest quality and we are well nourished.

  • We are appreciated by the local community/the surrounding area. Good relations with local community.

  • We have a variety of nationalities.

  • The children are thriving

  • We are able to adjust to changes within our own community and global changes.

  • There is energy left over for dance, music & creative projects

  • Age pyramid is intact

  • We embrace people being born and dying.

In regards to the world/planet

  • We have established a Folk High School (Adult learning center) celebrating, educating and inspiring other people to start eco-villages or in other ways live a life that contributes to regeneration of people, relationships, soil and planet.

  • We have established a LAND center (learning, action, network, design)

    We are an established transition initiative

    We host several green projects & Eco-preneurships

Bonus Aims

  • Hold international conferences

  • Food-production is happening

  • Being off grid

  • All businesses we start will be financially successful

Mission statement

We want to become a community of happy and healthy individuals contributing towards a thriving planet by our actions and by our example.


  • Develop a social model, where we celebrate life & focus on each others divine core (sacred inner nature)

  • Care for our personal needs first, then for the needs of other people in our community, then for other needs on the planet.

  • Live according to natural law and support our own and each others personal growth through

  • Applying an energetic perspective to the best of our knowledge to daily life, for example through applying the macrobiotic philosophy.

  • Striving for food sustainability

    • 95% or more vegan

    • 80% or more local foods (preferably grown by ourselves)

    • Balanced and nutritionally complete meals for everybody in our community every day

    • Keeping consumption of stimulants in daily life to a bare minimum (sugar, coffee, alcohol, recreational drugs etc neither contribute to connecting with ourselves, each other nor the environment) – The community may decide to include particular ones as part of an event or party.

    • Being aware that we receive lifeforce from sun, breathing and from our environment.

  • Taking responsibility for expressing and fulfilling personal needs, drivers and tensions to the best of our ability, rather than blaming others as the reasons for them not being fulfilled or compensating with food, stimulants, unbalanced activities, inappropriate circumstances etc. Tools we make an effort to use include (but are not limited to)

    • NVC (Compassionate communication)

    • Aima (tools for self reflection)

    • Family constellations

    • Prayer

    • Expressing appreciation

  • We strive to raise our children to think for themselves

    • We encourage their relationships with the world.

  • Use sociocracy as our chosen governing structure, so that all are heard and nobody overrun by majority decisions that go against basic needs and drivers.

  • Care for the planet through

    • Being conscious consumers

    • Choosing organic, local and fairtrade whenever possible.

    • Take up the challenge to transform any waste into a resource for something else (so nothing is wasted)

  • Develop green projects and eco-preneurships which contributes more directly towards a thriving planet.

  • Creating or actively engaging in local and global networks between Eco-enterprises, such as Gen, permaculture, transition and alike.

  • Using a Fair Share model in our businesses to make sure that power and wealth are shared in a fair way between all primary stakeholders such as founders, investors, workers and users (consumers).

    • Goods and services offered are being ethically reviewed

    • Goods and services offered are being ethically produced and distributed social purpose are specified and the social impact audited

      we use a social democratic model for the ownership, governance and management of capital (read more here:

Personal plans (What each member need to do)

  • Each member needs to make a personal plan based on needs, drivers and intensions. By taking responsibility for our personal needs, drivers and intensions we contribute to the community vision.

  • Members are grouped according to which areas they feel passionate about/resonate with their personal plans, so they together may create synergy in that particular area. For example farming, landscaping, community building …..