Engage Yourself

Support the vision – Engage your self!

Support our vision

To support our vision, you may

  • spread our web-page
  • join our facebook group
  • like our facebook page
  • sign up for our newsletter
  • join our live meetings
  • become an active member
  • become a supporting member

Please contact us if you have questions or want a call back. We look forward to meet you either way.

Why be a supporting member?

It takes a lot of resources to build a dream as big as OASIS. Time, work, money, skills, ideas.

We are a private organization. The active members has put a lot of time, work, skills and ideas and even money into participating in and traveling to various meetings and workshops, creating the website, doing research and learning from other projects as well as administrating this project.

By becoming a supporting member – a one time fee of minimum 300 DDK per adult – you contribute to ensure an ongoing growth and manifestation of our vision.

As a thank-you for your support, we offer you some benefits in the form of discounts in certain OASIS related businesses.


Become an aspiring active member

Once you’ve participated in an introductory meeting and paid your membership, you may choose to become an aspiring active member.

As an aspiring active member, you get a mentor, who answers your questions and takes care that you find the right place to be involved and are properly integrated in our organization.


Become a core-group-member

You become an active member by following the aspiring membership program.

As an active member you

  • have full influence on OASIS decision making
  • are fully eligible to all roles
  • have priority, when choosing house and other community benefits.
  • are eligible for the active members discount on workshops and OASIS businesses
  • consent to the last version of the vision document and commit to live in alignment with it.
  • are expected to participate actively in one or more working groups.
    • support sociocratic decision making.
    • attend online and in-person meetings
    • communicate swiftly regarding (re)scheduling, participation or cancellation of commitments/appointments.
  • engage in improving and updating best practice
  • have paid your membership fee