OASIS Educational Events

Here you find events organized by Oasis Educational Center.

OASIS Educational Center

Our educational center with events and programs for personal development, as well as certification programs in various areas has a gradual upstart since several of us run existing courses/workshop:

  • Camilla: Ecovillage Design Education (Camilla)
  • Florence: Cooking classes (from cooking for healing to celebration), Healing (chirokinetics), New moon vision quest.
  • Kristiane:
  • Trinemalua: Passion test

Courses, we like to expand with

  • Sociocracy facilitation – Certification Program
  • Macrobiotic Chef/Teacher/Consultant/Coach Certification Program
  • Permaculture
  • Everyday sustainability
  • Communication
  • Family courses
  • Arts and crafts
  • Home production of foods
  • Bringing in guest teachers/Hosting international speakers on various related subjects

Contact Kristiane if you want to be involved in this group.


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