Explore and Co-create Life in OASIS Eco-village

Explore and Co-create Life in OASIS Eco-village


January 3rd at 6 PM to Janaury 6th at 4 PM

Workshops – sharing – groups – presentations – celebration – cooking – tasks – music – sing along & much more

Welcome to the spring 2019 “Explore and Co-create Life in Oasis Eco-village” event

This is an exiting time since the local plan has been in hearing and is up for a final decision March 25th. These events are held around 4 times a year, since several members travels far. The main purpose with the event is to get to know each other and prepare ourselves for Life in Oasis Eco-village. During the event we’ll eat and cook together, play music (if somebody brings some instruments – we have a piano) and take another step in the direction of manifesting our dream. Each event has created further clarification in some area. The focus of this event will as always be to welcome new members as well as supporting all of us in making the transition to living in the eco-village. The form of the meeting include sharing’s, guided meditations, various exercises/workshops. Sociocracy as our way of making decisions.

Thursday (We start at 6pm): Oasis Ecovillage intro with dinner

This is where we meet and get updated on where we are now.


  • 7-8am:  preparation of breakfast/meditation/exercises organized by the people present
  • 8-9am: breakfast
  • 9-11am: Preparing the weekend
  • 11-12:30: Preparing lunch, groups, walk & talk
  • 2-4pm: Visiting the site
  • 4:30-6pm: Preparing dinner, groups, walk & talk
  • 6-7:30pm: Dinner and dishes
  • 7:30-9:30pm: Sharing & connecting through social games


  • 7-8am:  preparation of breakfast/meditation/exercises organized by the people present
  • 8-9am: breakfast
  • 9-11am: Workshop: Sociocracy.
  • 11-12:30: Preparing lunch, groups, walk & talk
  • 12:30-1:30pm: lunch & dishes
  • 1:30-4:30pm:
  • Constitutional meeting for Oasis Cooperative foundation.
    – Clarifiying questions and objections to statutes. (Please read statutes before!)
  • 4:30-6pm: Preparing dinner, groups, walk & talk
  • 6-7:30pm: Dinner and dishes
  • 8-9pm: Workshop: Building & design process: Needs, possibilities and economy of individual homes


  • 7-8 preparation of breakfast/meditation/exercises organized by the people present
  • 8-9am breakfast
  • 9-11am: Workshop: Green business’es and projects. How can we make a living while we contribute to the world.
  • 11-12:30am: Preparing lunch, working in groups, walk & talk
  • 12:30-1:30pm: lunch & dishes
  • 1:30-3pm:
  • Workshop: Handling conflicts: How to handle conflicts and make sure they don’t escalate.
  • 3-4 pm: End of formal program
  • 4:30-7:30pm: Preparing and eating dinner for those who wants to hang out for a cozy evening.

Program is subject to change as we go along according to what’s needed! Please contact us if you have other wishes for agenda points

Practical Information

  1. The weekend is held at Kristiane and Johns home in Jystrup, Denmark
  2. Price per day is 100 DDK. Please adjust if you are not there all the time. AND LET US KNOW, WHEN YOU WILL BE THERE, SO WE CAN PLAN.
  3. Everybody helps with practical tasks!
  4. Food throughout the weekend will be 95% or more vegan, prepared by macrobiotic principles. We have gas cooking and a wood stove and some vegetables from the garden. Instructions, aprons, knives and cutting boards are available to participate in cooking. You are of cause welcome to bring your own as well.
  5. If you need to arrive earlier or depart later due to flight schedules etc, please let us know ASAP, as we need to make sure there is a bed for you 🙂
  6. We have 4 bathrooms, 3 guest rooms with a queen bed, two guest rooms with 2 single beds, two guestrooms with one single bed, all with pillows and duvets. First come, first serve. Please bring your own sheet, duvet cover, pillowcase, towels etc. Besides that we can provide some mattresses.
  7. If this is first time you participate, we encourage you to
    1. Watch this introductory video on Sociocracy (just so that you have a basic idea why we use sociocracy – you don’t need to have experience)
    2. Read as much as you can of our manual on sociocracy Many Voices – One Song.
    3. Read the first 5 chapters of  Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian. The subtitle is “Practical Tools to Grow Eco-villages and Intentional Communities”.
    4. Read our vision and value statements
  8. Kids are welcome. However there will not be planned special activities for them.
  9. The weekend is pet free, since we also do workshops here and want to make the house welcome for allergic people as well.
  10. Please bring or send your favorite sing-along songs and any instruments you play, so we can create our own songbook as we go along. We have a  piano in the house. 🙂
  11. Please bring clothes for walks and other out-door activities. If you want to share the event on Facebook use this link. 
  12. There will be adequate parking for those traveling by car at the church, 100 meter from our house.
  13. Our house is about one hour from Copenhagen Airport and accessable by train and bus 20 meters from our doorstep. From Copenhagen take the train to Roskilde (or Ringsted). Bus 240 from there to Jystrup (get of at Jystrup Bygade just after the church). Cost of a ticket with train and bus is DKK 73,- with a travel card, which may be purchased in the ticket automate by the luggage delivery in the airport or at KBH H. Florence and Lily has made the attached video on how to get your travel card. If you don’t buy a travel card the ticket will be more expensive. 2 kids under 12 can travel for free with a grown-up, so don’t buy tickets for your kids unless you have more than two :-). The travel card may be reloaded for future trips online, so save it! Ask us for more details if you need it. We may be able to arrange some pickups at the airport depending on the number of guests and arrival times. Price for each trip will be DDK 200,-.


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