Oasis Intro with Lunch June 14"/>

Oasis Intro with Lunch June 14

Oasis Intro with Lunch June 14


June 14th: 12-3pm (optional 10am-12noon & 3-6pm)

– Would you like to play an active part in changing the world for the better through living in an Eco-village?
– Would you like to be part of an international community, committed to best practice in all fields?


Welcome for a healthy green (mostly vegan) lunch and an introduction to OASIS ECOVILLAGE and our Green Socio-Economic Projects and Ideas.

We are in the process of buying a wonderful place.
There is 3 parts to the project:
A cooperative housing association, a GREEN Peoples College and our Green Socio-Economic Projects and Ideas.

This event will be held in Jystrup, Denmark.

10am-12noon: Meet and greet, while preparing lunch (Optional)
12 noon: Who are we all? What are we looking for? What motivates each of us? Some of the participants, who’s already in the project may participate online for this part of the event.
12:15: Lunch, while we get to know each other.
1pm: Presentation of the OASIS Project. Vision & Values. The site. Prices. How and when to join etc.
3pm: Site visit to check out the surrounding area for those, who want providing there is room in the cars. We are working on setting up a date for a visit, where we can into the buildings in the week that follows. (Optional)

Anybody, who are seriously interested are invited to become members and participate in our working groups to get to know us and the project more.

Suggested donation: 50 DKK
If you wonder if this is for you or you have any questions or you can’t make it, feel free to write a message to us or call/WhatsApp/Facetime Kristiane at +45 twenty eight 60 fourty 8 59.


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