Cohousing community


– our cooperative housing association

What unites us is the vision and mission of the Oasis project. We have no connection with particular religious movements, but call for a personal approach to spirituality based on presence and sincerity.

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Step 1

We are in the process of developing a local and municipal plan that fits our project.

Meanwhile we have permission to start Avnø højskole with focus on health and a health sanctuary. (The present local plan allows for a health center.)

Some of us have moved here to take care of the property and get the project of the ground.

Step 2

Attract like-minded co-creators.

Finish developing the local plan. Adjust the project as the work with the local plan moves ahead.

Create well-functioning working groups.

Make sure Vitalitetsfonden has the liquidity to keep afloat until Avnø Oasis AB and Avnø højskole can buy the property.

Apply for state approval of Avnø højskole

Step 3

When the local plan is ready (expected summer 2022).

  1. Finalize purchase contracts for Avnø Oasis AB and Avnø Højskole to take over the ownership of the property.
  2. Apartments may be build by those, who prefer not to live in rooms.
  3. Regenerative businesses may be started or made independent if they started as part of Vitalitetsfonden.

Our home will be in the 3 upper floors of the main building

What is shared

Ownership of the property. Once the local plan is ready the property will be owned by our Cooperative housing association Avnø Oasis AB.

Meals. Our community kitchen provides 2-3 high quality nutritiously complete meals a day.

Facilities: Lower floor in main building is shared between Peoples College, Enterprises and Co-housing community: It contains kitchen, dining room, laundry, gym, front hall, auditorium, guest rooms, studio, billardroom, workshop, etc.

Tasks. With such a large common area, shared food and so much
activity, expect to use around 2 hours/day + 1 day/month on shared tasks.

Community cars (coming). We all need a car sometimes, but it doesn’t make sense that each of us have a car when we are mostly working from home. At the moment the policy is that we pay DKK 2,50 to the owner of the car for private use.

What is semi-private

For residents only. The 3 upper floors in the main building, which contains 29 bedrooms with private bathrooms & several shared living rooms, kitchenettes, linen rooms and offices.

What is private

Your room(s). Each grown-up may have at least one bedroom. Once the local plan is in place, you are free to invest in upgrading your private space to accommodate your needs within limits of building regulations, for example combining rooms to apartments …

Snacks and special foods, not provided by the kitchen.

Economy. Your money is yours.

Enterprises. May be privately owned, co-created by subgroups or community owned.

→ Latest research: Households in Danish eco-villages have 30-50% lower carbon footprint than the average Danish household. Members of eco-villages (average carbon footprint of 8.4 tonnes) have a slightly higher life satisfaction, compared to the most consuming quarter of Danes (average CO2 footprint of 22.6 tonnes).


Principle: Costs for the common area are shared between all adults. Cost for the private area are distributed according to size of private area. Kids are only paying for food.

Cost of shares

The cost of your cooperative share is composed of a unit-share for your private area and a community-share for each adult in your family.

If you move, your community share is sold back to the community and your unit share is sold to the next resident(s). A fair value of your unit share will be determined based on improvements / deterioration.

Payment for a share is 20% of the full value. It is possible to pay full value and have reduced monthly costs. Providing the liquidity of Avnø Oasis AB allows it is also possible to pay less and have your monthly fees adjusted accordingly.


Cost of shares for one adult in a standard room adds up to

  • Unit share: DKK50.000
  • Community share: DKK50.000
  • Total: DKK100.000

Cost of shares for two adults sharing a standard room adds up to

  • Unit share: DKK50.000
  • Community share: DKK100.000
  • Total: DKK150.000

Cost of shares for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids in 3 standard rooms adds up to

  • Unit share: DKK150.000
  • Community share: DKK100.000
  • Total: DKK250.000
Monthly fees

Monthly fees is composed of

  • a housing fee for each unit, which covers utilities as well as property expenses related to private areas.
  • a community fee for each adult, which covers community expenses, utilities and property expenses related to the common area.
  • a meal program fee, which covers food served in the community. Snacks and special foods are not included.
    For 2021 the fee is DKK 2000 per month for adults and kids from 12-18 years old. Kids 1-3 years old pays ⅓. Kids 4-11 years old pays ½.

Monthly expenses (including meal-program and utilities) for one adult in a standard room  (before /after buying a 20% share/after buying a 100% share)

  • Meal-program: DKK2000
  • Housing fee: DKK2000/1800/1000
  • Community fee: DKK2000/1800/1000
  • Total: DKK6000/5600/4000

Monthly expenses (including meal-program and utilities) for 2 adults sharing a room adds up to (before/after buying a 20% share/after buying a 100% share)

  • Meal-program: DKK4000
  • Housing fee: DKK2000/1800/1000
  • Community fee: DKK4000/3600/2000
  • Total: DKK10.000/9.400/7.000

Monthly expenses (including meal-program and utilities) for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids (4-11 years old) in 3 standard rooms adds up to (before/after buying a 20% share/after buying a 100% share)

  • Meal-program: DKK6000
  • Housing fee: DKK6000/5400/3000
  • Community fee: DKK4000/3600/2000
  • Total: DKK16.000/15.000/11.000

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