Introduction to Avnø Oasis, 11 am – 5pm

Introduction to Avnø Oasis, 11 am – 5pm


Welcome for a healthy green lunch and an introduction to AVNØ OASIS

– Are you curious to learn more about Avnø Oasis?
– Do you consider volunteering or being part of Avnø Oasis?


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The program is quite informal. It will be adjusted to meet the interests of the people who come.
It starts with a tour around the property at 11 am followed by a healthy green lunch. There will be a presentation round, where we all share, who we are and what motivates us to be here today and of cause a presentation of the Avnø Oasis project, where you can ask questions about anything you need to know to decide if you want to get involved in the project.
Anybody, who are aligned with the project and seriously interested will be invited to participate in our working groups to get to know us and the project more.

Suggested donation: 50-100 DKK to be paid by cash or mobile pay: 301621.
After the open day, participants are welcome to stay on the same terms as community members to get to know us better.
Room and board/day: 200 DKK + participation in daily chores such as cooking, cleaning, dish washing, yardwork, gardening etc.

July 16, August 13, August 20, September 17, October 8, November 12, December 10


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